Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the best way to blend this product?

A – A blender;  serving ice cold will produce the best results. If hand stirred or shaking the mix, clumps may occur due to the soy and oil; this is a natural occurrence and it does not affect the product.

Q – What allergens are present in your facility?

A – Soybeans

Q - What equipment cleaning practices do you follow at your facility?

A - Our processing facility follows good manufacturing practices. A strict sanitation procedure and QC inspection are in place between each allergen run. We cannot, however, guarantee that trace amounts of allergens will not be present.

Q – Do any ingredients contain MSG?

A – No

Q – What is the origin of your soybeans?

A -  Our soybeans are domestic, grown in the U.S.

Q – What is the best way to store product?

A – It keeps best in a cool dry place or refrigerated; we do not recommend that it be frozen.

Q  - Is your product  GMO free?

A – No, while we make every effort to utilize ingredients originating from non GMO, one single soybean in a truckload has the potential to get a positive reading.

Q – What are the directions for mixing?

A –For a rich, creamy taste, whisk or blend cold water with Better Than Milk powder as follows:

For an 8 oz. glass - 2 Tbsp. of powder
For a 1/2 gallon - 1 cup of powder
For a delicious creamer, use 1/2 the suggested water
Chill in the refrigerator
Shake well and serve